DataPath Launches Accelergent Growth Solutions

LITTLE ROCK, AR (March 26, 2024) – DataPath, Inc. today announced the launch of Accelergent Growth Solutions to help companies in the benefits, financial services, and insurance industries accelerate their growth and profitability. Accelergent offers expert business process management, outsourcing, automation, and marketing services, allowing businesses to focus on core competencies and revenue-generating activities.

The new organization expands a 15+ year partnership between DataPath, Inc. and its sister company, Overbrook Technology Services (OTS).

John Robbins, Jr., president and CEO of DataPath, Inc., explains, “Customer experience is king, but maintaining excellent service while continuing to grow is increasingly difficult to achieve in light of staffing needs, turnover, and incremental labor costs. That is where Accelergent steps in.  Accelergent is seamlessly adaptable to any technology stack or administrative platform and offers a solution that reduces operational costs by up to 60%, enhances efficiency, and readies you for growth on any scale.”

Accelergent assists companies in optimizing business processes, expanding capabilities, supplementing personnel, and navigating high demand periods. With a 99+% accuracy rate, Accelergent has processed over 3.5 million claims and numerous enrollments, plan setups, and COBRA transactions. The organization also offers additional services such as invoice processing, benefits administration systems integration, file processing, non-discrimination testing, process automation, technology services, and award-winning marketing services.

Robbins continued, “During times of market and societal change, driving value becomes increasingly important. A company’s operating model can be essential to that effort by optimizing and transforming business processes, enhancing resiliency, increasing agility and competitive advantages, and ultimately, achieving better business outcomes.”

About Accelergent Growth Solutions

Accelergent Growth Solutions ( helps companies accelerate growth and profitability by freeing them to focus on core competencies and revenue-generating activities. The organization provides expert business process management, outsourcing, technology, and award-winning marketing services to the benefits, financial services, and insurance industries.

About DataPath, Inc.

A full-service technology and growth solutions provider for 40 years, DataPath, Inc. ( offers the all-in-one Summit platform for CDH, HSA, Well-Being, COBRA, and Billing administration. Its wholly owned subsidiary, DataPath Financial Services, Inc., is an approved non-bank HSA custodian.

About Overbrook Technology Services

Overbrook Technology Services offers comprehensive outsourcing services to benefit administrators, including secure BPO solutions and back-office support. Based in Kochi, Kerala, India, OTS is a trusted partner in managing complex plans and benefits with an accuracy rate consistently higher than 99%.

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