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Unlock Your Business Potential with Accelergent’s Marketing Services

At Accelergent, we don’t just offer marketing services; we craft strategic solutions that propel your business forward. Our seasoned team combines knowledge, experience, and award-winning creativity to deliver unparalleled results. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, we’re here to help you achieve your growth and expansion goals.

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Accelergent - Marketing Services
Accelergent Marketing Services


Crafted Solutions

Our mission is simple: to propel your business forward. Rather than offering cookie-cutter marketing services, we create tailored solutions that align with your unique goals. Whether you’re a dynamic startup or a well-established enterprise, our seasoned team is here to guide you toward success.

The Power of Experience

The Accelergent marketing team boasts over a century of combined experience in B2B and B2C messaging. We’ve weathered industry shifts, navigated market complexities, and fine-tuned strategies to address competitive challenges. From corporate giants to nimble startups, we’ve seen it all. When you partner with us, you tap into a wealth of expertise.

Award-Winning Creativity

Over the past 6 years, Accelergent has been recognized with top honors in national and international competitions for marketing excellence, creativity, and effectiveness. Our track record speaks volumes: we don’t just meet expectations, we exceed them. Let our award-winning team breathe life into your brand.

Competitive Rates, Exceptional Value

Say goodbye to bloated agency fees. Accelergent offers cost-effective solutions that rival the value of an in-house marketing department. Whether you opt for our monthly service packages, individual projects, or custom agreements, rest assured that your investment will yield impressive returns.

Accelergent Marketing Services


From content creation to campaign management, we’ve got you covered. Let’s elevate your brand together!

Accelergent Marketing Services


Package pricing is for year-round engagements in which we produce specified materials in exchange for a fixed retainer fee, including start-up and monthly installments. If your scope of work doesn’t fit into one of our predefined packages, we can create a custom package for you.

Foundation Services Package

$1,500 Startup Fee (one-time) + $1,000/Month
Minimum engagement 12 months

Creative concepts, copywriting, and graphics for:

  • One corporate brochure
  • Individual sales sheets for up to 6 lines of service
  • Participant education/enrollment booklets for up to 6 lines of service
  • Monthly social media calendar and one post weekly for up to three platforms
  • Two blog posts monthly

Growth Services Package

$2,500 Startup Fee + $1,500/Month
Minimum engagement 12 months

Everything included in Foundation Services Package PLUS

Creative concepts, copywriting, and graphics for:

  • Once-monthly email for broker/employer marketing (client provides email list and subscription to Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or similar)
  • Once-monthly email for participant/employee education (client provides email list)
  • One recorded sales webinar (30 minutes)

Supercharged Growth Package

$3,500 Startup Fee + $2,000/Month
Minimum engagement 12 months

Everything included in Foundation and Growth Services Packages PLUS

Creative concepts, copywriting, graphics, and WordPress execution for:

  • Website design, copywriting, and layout (up to five pages)*
  • SEO optimization
  • Two landing page versions for email marketing lead capture

Video Services

Add-On to Service Packages Only

  • Development of creative concepts
  • Script, voiceover, graphics, editing
  • $500 for the first minute, $100 per additional minute**
Accelergent Marketing Services


Project pricing provides specified materials in exchange for a set fee. The pricing examples below are based on projects of average complexity within the stated parameters. We will confirm your exact project fee after a no-charge initial consultation.



Social Media Post

(per insertion/per platform)


Blog Article

(basic research and copy; 500-1000 words)


Email Template

(header and footer, no other graphics or copywriting)


Marketing Email

(header and footer, copy and graphics, per email)



(copy and design; two-sided; any size up to 5x7)



(copy and design; two-sided; sizes larger than 5x7)


Sales Sheet 

(copy and graphics; per side)


Sales Letter 



Logo Development

($125/hour, min. 4 hours)


Trade Show Banner 

(copy and design, printer-ready artwork for sizes up to 40” x 80”)



(copy and design; page size up to 8.5x11; $375/page; min. $750)



(copy and design; $150 per data point; min. $750)


PowerPoint Presentation Deck

(copy and design; sales or educational; simple transitions; $75/slide; min. $750)


Enrollment Booklet 

(copy and design; up to 8.5x11 page size; $150/page; min. $1,200)



(includes online research/links; copy and design; up to 2,500 words; subject of average complexity


Webinar Script and PPT Slide Deck 

(up to max. of 30 minutes and/or 20 slides; this is minimum, inquire for additional minutes or slides)


* Website services not available à la carte or as an add-on to lesser packages. Developed exclusively in WordPress. Client pays hosting fees.
** Does not include live-action filming or production.

Except where indicated, all pricing for both packages and projects includes copywriting, graphic design, stock photos or illustrations where appropriate, digital output (PDF, HTML, Word, or PPT template), and file preparation for commercial printing if needed. All pricing is “plus” any printing, list rental, email client subscription, mailing, shipping, website hosting or similar costs.

Accelergent Marketing Services



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Marketing Services - Events


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Marketing Services - Education


Marketing Services - Websites
Accelergent Marketing Services


Accelergent Marketing Services has been a big help to Comparative Solutions. We've always found them to be knowledgeable and responsive. Whatever challenge might come up, we know they'll have our backs.

Thea Feltzs


Accelergent Marketing Services is a wonderful resource, and they are easy to work with. Their work helps differentiate us and enables us to provide the best possible branded service and relationships.

Neil Bartholomew

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